Mailing Services
APN takes the mailing of your magazines very seriously. We strive to ensure that your magazines reach their destination within the requested delivery dates. Our magazine production system keeps you up-to-date with accurate information on the status of your products. Additionally, we manage the bulk mail permit and payments which are required for discounted mailing rates of your magazines.

Mail List Rental
PubNet Publishing Network has selected one of the largest list compilers in the United States to provide our mailing list service. The list is fully CDS qualified with the United States Postal Service® and meets all the standards to receive the saturation mail discounts. Our list is also processed against both the USPS National Change of Address File (NCOA) and the Delivery Sequence File®. The information is also carrier route and ZIP+4 coded using the USPS certified Coding Accuracy Support System™ (CASS).

The Alpine magazine production system gives you the ability to define your mailing territory online. Users can lookup carrier route information, which is updated on the 15th of each month. In addition, your route selections can include, or exclude businesses addresses.

Statement of Mailing Certificates
Once postage has been paid and the product has been registered with the USPS, we immediately send you a Statement of Mailing (Form 3602). The Statement of Mailing form can be presented to your advertisers as proof that the mailing was delivered with a specific quantity, weight, cost, and time. With this statement you can prove to your customers that the product was mailed correctly and on-time.

SCF Appointment Numbers
Once our magazines are finished printing, they are placed on a pallet and scheduled to be freighted by truck to one of 230 Sectional Care Facilities (SCF) in the United States. Each SCF functions as a processing and distribution center, where the mail is sorted and routed to the appropriate local post office for delivery. Each truck that is scheduled to arrive at an SCF has an appointment number which is used to confirm the time and delivery of the mail to the SCF. Once this information is generated by the USPS, we update our clients to let them know that their product has safely arrived at the SCF. Bulk mail does not give tracking information; therefore this confirmation is crucial for determining the mailing status of your product.

Demographic Reports
We provide you with complete demographic information on each carrier route within the United States. Demographic Reports include statistics on Average Income, Average Home Value, Average Age, and Presence of Children.

Carrier Route Maps
Our company also provides you with FREE Carrier Route Maps that illustrate where each route and zip code is located geographically.

Other Services

Online Support Community
PubNet Publishing Network’s online support community empowers individuals with the knowledge, support and experience of every client. We are dedicated to fostering a community that motivates and facilitates communication and the sharing of resources with one another. Each of our clients have the opportunity to contribute to our online community by posting questions, requesting advice, sharing sales strategies and testimonials, viewing industry news, and more. Clients also have access to information and resources designed to increase their knowledge, and help them reach their business objectives.

Magazine Samples
Our clients can choose to receive advanced samples of their magazines hot off the press. A variety of shipping methods are available, including overnight, two day, or ground service. Tracking information is provided for all sample packages.

Logo Design
PubNet Publishing Network provides logo design services through our group of graphic designers.

Website Development
Consult with one of our web design professionals and receive a quote on a brand new website for your company.